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Twilight Rodeo - Wanaka - New Zealand

Rodeo in Wanaka is an annual event and its been performed 43 times since its establishment in 1963. Main Rodeo is usually held in the beginning of January, but in the last years they have added an second shorter option of Twilight Rodeo to satisfy all the fans.

Event was well organized and sunny weather was helping to establish relaxed feel full of adrenaline excitement of the skilled riders, angry bulls and beautiful horses. Short break in the program were filled by a witty jokes and small show of the local rodeo clown 'Festise'. He earned well deserved "love" from the kids with a bucket full of sweets.

The Wanaka Rodeo is part of the South Island Christmas circuit comprising of five rodeos, while there is a similar circuit being run in the North Island over the same period. Wanaka offers very valuable poings that competitors keenly seek as they chase the various national titles.

Twilight Rodeo - schedule for the event watch:
1. 2nd Division Bull Ride
2. 2nd Division Rope & Tie
3. 2nd Division Barrel Race
4. Junior Barrel Race
5. GRAND ENTRY : 5pm
6. Open Bull Ride - 1st Split
7. Open Bareback
8. Open Rope & Tie
9. Open Saddle Bronc - 1st Split
10. Open Barrel Race
11. Open Team Roping
12. Open Saddle Bronc - 2nd Split
13. Open Steer Wrestling
14. Open Bull Ride - 2nd Split

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For more info please visit organizers at: 'Wanaka Rodeo'

Wild horse ride rodeo - Wanaka - New Zealand


heather carpenter said...

im a fl resident coming to Auckland to visit my family .ive ran barrels and competed in rodeos and NBHA shows and owned horses since 1992. My family has never seen me run barrels because ive always been in the US . Do you think there is anyone able to lease me a horse to run in some of the rodeos while im visit for 2 months .

TravelMagic said...

I'm not sure. Best would be to contact people from Wanaka Rodeo Club. I had a look and there is a contact number, which you can call on their home page.

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