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Sufi dancing - Pakistan

Hidden near the borders with India, some two hours drive from Lahore a colossal religious festival took place.  Music, drumming, trans dancing, fun fair attractions were mesmerizing the crowd of men.  And of course many readings of Koran, religious recitations and ceremonies created island refuges in the mass of people. (some 20.000heads)

China - street music
In China is very common, that people meet in the streets, learn dance, sing and play instruments. Usually early in the morning and late in the evening you can see groups gathering in the squares and parks. During the day, they hide in the shade of trees and play cards ....

Shrinagar - Dal Lake
There is no better place to meet with locals and explore life on the lake than taking ride with "skaria" (small boat) on the Dal Lake in Shrinagar (Kashmir). Near the sunset golden reddish colours reflects on the water and local life pulse through the water ways in the floating city. 

Dancing Monks
Buddhist monks perform many ceremonies and some of them involve dance rituals. They wear richly decorated costumes and masks representing various gods. This movie shows their practice for a festival. (Monastery in Ladakh)

Dirham, Rakaposhi, Pakistan
No place in the world is more magnificent, then Karakorum (Himalayas) mountains in the north Pakistan. When you ride under the Nanga Parbat, following lushly green valley some 2.000 meters high and watch snowy peak growing on your side over the 8.000 meters..... This movie show Minapin glacier under the Rakaposhi and Dirham Peaks (over 7.000 meters) 

Vashist, Himalayas, crop
In the village of Vashist (India, Manali) is time for harvest. Using cow is one of the traditional ways how to get the grain. 

Vietnam, traditional dancing
Vietnam is producing tuns of rice every year. Many of the folk dances are still connected with the harvest and land. Traditional dancing between the bamboo poles.


Gilgit, Polo, Pakistan
N"Polo" is very popular sport in India and Pakistan. Fast racing on the horses and hitting a ball with the long stick ...
Yet, altitude of Gilgit makes it lot more difficult than it already is. Also to watch a match surrounded by the high peaks makes is wonderful experience.

Kite surfing, New Zealand
New Zealand is country of tough sporty people, who love to play outside, even if the weather is making others to sit by the fireplace .... Kite surfing on the lake in the coming storm and rain .... aaah :)

Lahore, live music
Very rhythmical music and singing. Starting with "slow" tunes and accelerating into maximum ..... 

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