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PF 2017 - Happy New Year

PF 2017 - Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all around the globe!
Remember kindness + love around you and never cease
to pursue the inner peace protecting life in life within.

Keep on adventuring...

Zee / @ Work4Dream studio

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PF 2016 - Happy New Year

PF 2016 - Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all around the globe.
May it be joyful, peaceful shared with loved ones and best of friends. 

Let the sun shine in your smile and share your love to all beings
in every day,in every moment, forever .....

Tonight from bottom of my heart impowered by indian movies,
french cognac and hours of photo artwork .... 

Zee / @ Work4Dream studio ....

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Britain + England + London Postcards

Britain + British Art 

Collection of British Art and Photography inspired by the empire, capital city of London and "made in UK". Discover beautiful photographs from London (Tower Bridge at night, Big Ben clock tower, ...) or Dartmoor ponies grazing near the creek or secret door to Narnia hidden in blossoms of Magnolia flowers in endless Spring.

PF 2015 - Best of Celebrations

PF 2015 - Joyfull and Happy New Year,
relaxing Christmas with friends and family
and lots of sun and smiles in your lifes:-)

A way to Tramtaria Land - Book (ebook)

Book by Zdenek M-an (myself) - online edition, English version.

Zdenek M-an is an intrepid traveller, adventurer and photographer whose main passion is “the world beyond”. He loves to soak up the atmosphere around him in its natural and informal way, while he is leisurely sipping good tea. And his tea selection he travels with is truly amusing. He had seen lots of Europe, fell in love with the Middle East and adored the Himalayas on his endless adventures through the Asia. His visions, attitude and wry sense of humour are well reflected in his photography. A way to 'Tramtaria Land' is his first book project, where he expressed the best of his endless journeys with a focus on the last trip, which took almost 4 years.


There are many things I could say about this book. For sure: .....
it is a "serious travel dreams teaser" - Travel & Photo book with a 'witty' stories, mental snapshots, "worthy" ideology. With sections on Himalayas + Tibet, China, Sumatra, Australia and New Zealand...

'A way to Tramtaria Land'
by Zdenek M-an

Language: English, Pages: 192,
Format: PDF file, Size: 29MB,
Availability: Digital Download

It's available for direct purchase
via the secure server here:

Price: 10 EUR

or you can find it online at:
more info, e-shop, book
sample,download information.

Featuring many stunning images from Pakistan, Ladakh, Kashmir, Tibet, China, India, Sumatra, Australia, New Zealand, South Asia, ...

 Photographs, texts, book & cover design - by 'Z' M-an and TMStudio
All rights reserved ©  'Z' M-an

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