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Seven Miles - local joy for mountain bikers - Queenstown

Seven Miles biking
mountain bike trails 
All eleven trails here are situated in the most beautiful location starting on the Wakatipu lake about 10 km from the Queenstown towards Glenorky. The easiest access is from the Wilson Bay car park, which is just by the road on the lake front. Most of the trails are under the blanket of pine forest. Even if the weather gets a bit rough and wind blows strongly on the open planes, you will have enjoyable ride here.

There are several older trails running through the dense trees, with fast switchbacks, steep downhill, technical rocks. New trails are usually wider, with build in dirt jumps and lot of woodwork. They are ready for the beginner or advanced rider. Up to you to push your limits….

The main place and meeting point is ‘The Hub’, situated just about the middle of everything. You have an easy direct and indirect access to all the trails from here and while waiting for your mates to come you can practise your riding skills on logs and other woodwork. Shorter trail loop starting from here called ‘Cool Runnings’ is a great warm up. Grin and Holler II will offer downhill fun on the way back to lake. Or choose a bit more paddling uphill and join the ‘Kachoong’ with some woodwork at the beginning followed by downhill and several good jumps.

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Some of the trail names do already pump up your imagination. 
Like those of ‘El Dorado’ or  ‘Bliss & Cloudburst’.

For more info/local knowledge/quick bike fix or just a trail map 
pay a visit to ‘Dr. Bike’ at Outside Sports
(the home of biking beast)

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