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OutdoorsNZ - local life in pictures from Oueenstown

Since I have decided to prolong my stay in the New Zealand and spend more time in the adrenaline centre of Queenstown, I have created other projects to display my photos from the local life. One of them is called “OutdoorsNZ”. It brings some visuals from the local activities I have enjoyed. It is kind of an outdoor activities guide, with info and visuals from the local biking, skiing, races, marathons as well as outdoor fun-time by the local enthusiasts. I use this kind of projects to learn new things and find a place for more themed picture display. If you are interested to see more on the happenings around Queenstown, follow the link bellow:

"OutdoorsNZ-active life-New Zeland"

Here is a bit of 80s from the local retro ski party. Beautiful collection of crafty dresses, old equipment, “shot-ski” (devilish drinking device) and lots of dance determination overlooking local mountains (almost from this high) made it a great night out. View on the Queenstown and its lake Wakatipu from Remarkables the caricature like mountain range.

One of the few downsides on living life in the middle of outdoors is luck of the art scene. In that aspect, Queenstown is highly undeveloped and main attractions of the art-folk are hidden in the tourist shops, next to the sheepskin slippers, toys of kiwi bird and carvings from the greenstone. Occasional concerts usually hike up their price to make it affordable only for real enthusiasts from the normal working sphere.

Local art - early morning - Christchurch

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