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NEW ZEALAND 08 - trapped in Queenstown

New Zealand ME baby! Is it difficult to become a Kiwi? Yes and No. New Zealand used to be lot more open to immigration compared to its approach past few years. Even though, it is not as easy to stay here any more, the country is still looking for skilled migrants and its population, especially on the South Island is not huge. One of the easiest places for finding a seasonal job is certainly outdoor adventure “fun park” town Queenstown. It has pretty much zero unemployment rates and is most of the time looking for people to work in hospitality. Though, it could be rather difficult to find a job, if you come in the middle of the winter season. The competition is strong and there are many people enjoying the snow and doing just about anything to support themselves while spending the rest of the time on the slopes. There is also big demand for agriculture workers on the orchards, vineyards and animal farms. Government latest approach is trying to bring workforce from the islands and also from Asia. Creating centralized re-distribution of the workers to fill the requirements. Let’s see, what it will bring in the future, but so far I have not heard many positive opinions from the farmers or local communities.
I’ve been living in Queenstown for a while now. And I have to say, summer here is great. There are so many things to do, if you are into the outdoors. I have dedicated my time here (apart from the work of course) to tramping, mountaineering, mountain biking, ….. basically exploring the local nature and taking picks of it. Of course, there is a great community of people leaving around and I am lucky to spend time with them too.

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