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India - THE BEGINNING - Delhi, Mombay

views on old Delhi from the mosque - Jama Masjid
Beginning? Yes, that is how I would call it. I am in India now as I planned it for some time. About a week later than I expected, but I have arrived to Delhi, where I am spending my third day. My air ticket was quite cheap so I was expecting some dodgy airplane or so. It was even better then my dreams. Flight was canceled last minute and of course, people around the Heathrow are not very helpful. Instead of having relaxing time sipping bad English cappuccino and chatting on the phone to friends, I was running between terminals (twice train journey included) for two hours. In the end I got on Jet Airlines flight to Mombay, where the rest of the ticket should have been sorted. Once on the plain, it was all good. Good seat, nice vegetarian food and I had a few glasses of nice Australian red wine to chill out. Then I watched some movies. You are right Tara, "Memoirs of the Geisha" are nothing special. Though I really liked the part as she was dancing on those high shoes.

Well, change over in Mombay was ok, with some confusions and considerable time extension. I got to Delhi almost at sunset and once the Airport bus got me close to my hotel, it was completely dark. How I hate to arrive to new country at night and look for a place to stay. I wondered around for ten minutes or so and then I caught cycle-rickshaw. In the end it cost only 20 RUP (from 50 wanted) to comfortably pass through the bazaars and see the life for a while. I got my place in the "Down Town Hotel", really nice with shower, toilet (all in marble), double bed and air-con for 170 RUP/night. I thing good deal. OK, enough about the prices. Just wanted to give you some inside about the costs.

I took my time here very gently. Lots of sleep, wondering around. It is around 45 degrees here during the day - hot and dry - and the nights are sticky hot too. I went to see the Red Fort and Jama Masjid, both build by a Mughal king some 400 years ago. Very monumental buildings. There are many great bazaars around this area. Chandi Chowk, Old Delhi railway station, Main bazaar near New Delhi railway station. Food is good and tea mainly with milk. Today I went to search for a real Darjeeling tea in some coffee place, but did not find any. In the end I bought some loose one, which I am going to try to consume very soon. Tomorrow I am leaving for Ajmer - Pushkar holy lake.

You will have to wait for a photos for a while. It is too difficult at the moment to upload them. Also I did not take any so far. Just don't feel like it. Especially to use my digital camera, when I see so poor people around. That is it for the now, if you want to know, what is happening, check out this website once in the while. I am going to remind you about the updates sometimes, but not always ;)

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