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THE DALAILAMA and other stories (Dharamsala)

Today (18-8-06) I had this amusing opportunity to photograph the Dalailama, while he was teaching Dharma in his residence in Mcleod Ganj. I want to thanks all people involved to help me pass through the obstacles and obtain the press pass for this very special occasion. Especially many thanks to "the Argentimes" - independent English newspaper in Argentina!

The Dalailama - teachings - August 14-18 (2006) Mcleod Ganj

The Dalailama - teachings - August 14-18 (2006) Mcleod Ganj

PROGRAM OF THE TEACHINGS: Chapter 9 - on the perfection of Wisdom from Shantideva's 'A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life' (Chodjung), along with the teaching on Gyalsay Thogmay Sangpo's 'The 37 Practises of a Bhodhisattva' (Lak-Len-So-din-ma) and chapters 18, 22, 24 & 26 from Nagarjuna's 'The Fundamentl Wisdom of the Middle Way' (Uma Tsawa Sherab)

What else to say about the Mcleod Ganj (Dharamsala)? Well, all my stay went in the sign of his holiness Dalailama. I have visited the teachings for all five days. My spare time I spent in my favourite Tibetan restaurant called "Tara Cafe". Of course, always remembering my friend Tara, who also enjoys food and who would love it here. And then lots of Internet and photo uploading, so that you can all enjoy now with me. I have also went to see the Karmapa, but this was nowhere near the experience of seeing the Dalailama. Karmapa's personality and public appearance had not really developed yet (hopefully) and there was also too many people in line to get a red string to make this experience something special (at least for me!) And third meeting here was with the Tenzing Palmo - an American women, who had become a nun in her early age and who did 12 years retreat in the cave in Himalayas. She is very interesting person and it was very pleasant to listen her talk. Apart from that, I saw again a movie "Himalaya" which I love and also I managed to see a "Davinci Code". Rest of my time, when it was not raining (still monzun spreading its arms here), I was hanging out with Tibetans.

dalailama teaching photo tibet

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